Instone Tiles & Adhesives

Instone Tiles and Adhesives an ISO: 9001:2008 Certified Company and the first company in Kolkata to mark ISI on tiles. We have the most modern manufacturing facility for designer concrete tiles and pavers for wall, floor and step. Instone uses the expertise of the qualified personal in making of the tiles and pavers which helps in drafting a appropriate mix design as per requirement of the customer and need of the project. Instone  tiles are manufactured in various traditional and contemporary design and various natural and and vibrant colors to suit the taste of every customer. Instone tiles can be applied at any outer and inner area irrespective of rough and tough application. It will provide beauty with durability.

Our Commitment

Instone aims to improve the standard of living in India by delivering new design and colours with a new level of perfection that can fulfil and satisfy the needs of our customers dream projects. We at INSTONE are committed to our quality, timely delivery, innovative design, strength and vibrant colours.

We promise to give you the best of everything, be it customer service, our beautiful products or after sales.

Quality - We Never Compromise
Trust - We Never Break
Price - We Never Overcharge
Commitment - We Never Fail
Reason Of our Success - Quality and Togetherness
Strength - Our Customers.

Our expertise